Advantages of the Cleary Health Benefit!

The media is full of articles which paint an unflattering picture of Health Coverage plans available via the Affordable Care Act “Exchanges” (some have called it the “Un-affordable Care Act”).  Forbes Magazine has written that plans will see up to 63% premium increases in 2017.  The State of Illinois has ordered “Land of Lincoln Health” to STOP underwriting Health Plans in 2017.  Aetna, the 3rd largest Health Insurer in the country, has chosen to pull out of a number of State Insurance Exchanges due to the unpredictability of Health Claims.

Obviously, when Insurance providers drop out of Insurance Exchanges, people’s choices are lessened.  Some employers offer coverage via Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), which also limits one’s choice of provider to a small list of participating doctors and also limits covered Health Services as well.


Since 2008, Cleary Health Plan Premiums have only risen an average of 6% per year (and has had at least one year during this period with 0% increase).

Your Health coverage is Safe. Cleary Building Corp. WILL NOT BE Dropping its Health Plan in 2017.

The Cleary Health Plan offers an exceptionally broad Nation Wide Network of Providers. Employees may chose most any doctor they want (in Madison Wisconsin both the Dean and UW Health Systems are “In-Network”).

Additional benefits enjoyed by participants in the Cleary Health Plan!

  • $10,000 of Group Life and AD&D Insurance
  • $125.00 per week Premium Assistance/Short Term Disability
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for Personal /Legal Assistance
Compare for yourself.  Cleary offers outstanding Health Benefits to its employees.

Overview of Employee Benefit Plans – Effective during 2016

  • Health Plan
    • Three Plan Options
      • Gold ($500/ $1,000 Annual Deductible)
      • Green ($1300 / $2600 Annual Deductible)
      • Bronze ($6,550 / $13,100 Annual Deductible)
  • Dental Plan
    • $1,200 Maximum Benefit per covered person per year
    • 100% Preventative Coverage (Twice per year)
    • 80 / 20 Coverage for Basis Services
    • $1,000 Life Time Orthodontics benefit for Dependents under age 19
  • Vision Plan
    • Annual Exams ($10 Co-Pay)
    • $150 Annual Benefit for Lenses ($10 Co-Pay; 20% Discount on charges over $150)
    • $150 Bi-Annual Benefit for Frames (20% Discount on charges over $150)
    • Laser Surgical Corrections (15% Discount off regular In-Network fee)
  • Other Voluntary Insurance Options
    • Group Term Life; Dependent Term Life; AD&D
    • Whole Life; Dependent Whole Life; AD&D
    • Short Term Disability Insurance
    • Accident Insurance
  • Vacation
    • Accrual based on Hours worked the prior year
  • Holiday Pay
    • Eligible after 90 calendar days of employment
  • 401(K) Retirement plan
    • Tax Deferred Savings until Retirement
    • Auto Enrollment (unless one Opts Out) after 6 months of Employment
    • Discretionary Employer Match considered annually
Contact the HR Department for more details.